28-07-1988 Norman Nathanaël van Norden was Born in Arnhem the Netherlands

1988-2000: Since I was young I have always been exploring creativity through playing with lego and drawing.

2000-2004: When I went to highschool I enjoyed drawing, drama and music lessons. Rietveld Lyceum, VMBO theoretische leerweg in Doetinchem

2004-2007: After high school I went to study MBO Industrial Design at the Rijn IJssel college in Arnhem

2008-2009: Since I completed the Industrial Design Study I went to follow HBO Industrieal Product Design in Arnhem. But after one year I decided that I needed to do something else and that this study was not for me.

2009-2014: I started my current study Docent Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving. This is where I explored alot of my creative capebillities.

My hobbies are my Volvo Amazon from 1969 wich is my first car and I still drive it today. I have played in several bands as a drummer but at the moment I play guitar in Sweet Octane

For my full resume contact me via the contact page.

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